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Welcome to tropifauna.co.uk    - the website of Tropifauna Farms

Salmon mating

Tropifauna Blurb

Welcome to the Tropifauna Blurb page.  It's kind of an informal news page, with journal entry's and so from the team here at TFF.  In fact anything goes.  No fancy grammer, lots of spelling mistakes, just as it comes out of my head.  There will plenty of news on new species or morphs we are working with, breeding notes, photo's, general chit chat about trips, expos.....blah blah..


March 09

The Boas have been very active this month. Lot's of cops including Super Salmon x Salmon, SS x Anery, Albino x Het alb, Ss x Albino, SS x Normal Bci.....etc.


Several Yemen Chamelons have mated and have started laying, including Piedbalds. This female below produced 57 viable eggs. We are also working with some other new morphs of Yemen Chameleons including Hypermelanistic. More news about these and other Yemen morphs soon!


January 09

Have had quite a few confirmed cop's across the board this month.....including Pied Ball's, Spider X Pastel Ball's, Spider Balls, Albino Boas, etc. etc. We also have lots of Bearded morphs mated and producing, plus Pied Yemen Chameleons etc.

DH Snow'sAlbino Boas


So the cold snap is here! -4C Thursday night, -2C last night.... We have been checking temps on a regular basis on the max mins, to ensure the racks and cages are not dropping too low at night. Things seem ok, but did have a couple of Ball's that started sniffling...course of Baytrill and a constant day/night temp seems to have corrected the problem.  As a rule, I would have used Marbocyl which is a more modern generation drug, but we had run out and our vet; Antony, only had Baytrill to hand on this occasion.  Seems to have done the job anyway.  This kind of thing highlights the importance of monitoring your snakes DAILY!

Fiji Banded Iguana's
Spotted Fiji Banded Iguana's
This seasons projects
Moonglow Boa

++ This season ++ Blue Eyed Leucy's ++ Silverstreak's ++ Cinn's ++ Black Pastels ++ Lemon Pastels ++ Tiger Pastels ++ Woma's ++ Spider Balls ++ Pastel Balls ++ Sunglow Boas ++ Super Pastels ++ Salmon Boas ++ Albino Boas ++ Albino Balls ++ Pied Balls ++ Lesser Platy's ++ Mojave Balls ++ Ghost Ball's ++ Bumble Bee Balls ++ Red Italian Leatherback Bearded's ++ Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Satyrday Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Red/Green Transluscent Bearded's ++ Belgian Super Orange Florida Beardeds ++ Hypo Pastel Beardeds ++ Leucistic Beardeds ++ Hybino Leopard's ++ Pied Yemen Cham's++ Enchi Pastel Jungle Ball's ++ plus many others!!!! !

Red Italian Leatherbacks

Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Leatherback Bearded's


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