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Welcome to tropifauna.co.uk    - the website of Tropifauna Farms

Coral Albino

Boa Morphs

In 1992 the first albino boas were produced. This kick started the world of boa morphs. This area is still in it's infancy, and new morphs are being developed each season. Things look to get even better with the introduction of such boas as the Moonglow!

Ghost Boas

Ghost Boas are produced as a result of the combination of hypo x anerythristic genes. Proven by Bill Kirby, the Ghost has been proved out with type 1 and type 2 anerythristic genes. Looks vary greatly dependant upon which genes are used. Our Ghost's are from Rich Ihle stock.


Moonglow Boas

Moonglows are hypo snow boas, and are a combination of albino, anerytheristic and hypo/salmon traits. We are currently working with triple hets to produce this stunning morph, and possibly Super Moonglows. Our TH Moonglows are from Rich Ihle stock.

Moonglow Boa


Sunglow Boas

Sunglows are the result of breeding an albino to a hypo/salmon producing 'double het sunglow' or 'hypo het albino' and then by breeding these back to each other. The resultant offspring will be a mix of sunglows, hypos, albinos and hets. This is a Recessive x Co-Dominant combination. SunGlows are albinos that have a high amount of red/orange colouration. SunGlow boas are the key to producing some awesome designer morphs, that we are planning for in the future.




Salmon Boas

Salmon Boas are a co-dominant hypomelanistic boas. Not only are they extreemly attractive in their own right, but being co-dom produce amazing Super Salmons. Additionally, Salmon's are the key to many exciting morphs, such as Ghost's & Sunglows and on to Moonglows. The majority of our Salmon founder stock is from Rich Ihle.

Salmon Hypo


Super Salmon Boas

The Super Salmon or Super Hypo is the dominant form of the Salmon. The Super Hypo display considerably less black and is often carrying an aberrant pattern. Super's can only be considered as potentially dominant when proven through breeding.


Salmon & Super


Ivory Boas

Ivory's (anery x pastel) were first produced by Jeff Ronne.  An ivory is a clean, washed out anerytheristic. Type 1 anerytheristics are very important components in boa morph production.

Ivory Belly


Coral Albino Boas

The Coral Albino was established as a colour phase with enhanced red markings, out of the original Kahl line of albino.

Coral Albino


Albino Boas

This is the morph that kicked off the boa craze back in 1992 by Pete Kahl. Despite the period of time they have been available, albino's have maintained good values, due to their importance in creating designer morphs. There are two main lines of albino; Kahl and Sharp. Ours are Kahl line. Our specimens have been selected for good orange tail colouration and distinct markings.

Albino Boa











Fiji Banded Iguana's
Spotted Fiji Banded Iguana's
This seasons projects
Moonglow Boa

++ This season ++ Blue Eyed Leucy's ++ Silverstreak's ++ Cinn's ++ Black Pastels ++ Lemon Pastels ++ Tiger Pastels ++ Woma's ++ Spider Balls ++ Pastel Balls ++ Sunglow Boas ++ Super Pastels ++ Salmon Boas ++ Albino Boas ++ Albino Balls ++ Pied Balls ++ Lesser Platy's ++ Mojave Balls ++ Ghost Ball's ++ Bumble Bee Balls ++ Red Italian Leatherback Bearded's ++ Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Satyrday Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Red/Green Transluscent Bearded's ++ Belgian Super Orange Florida Beardeds ++ Hypo Pastel Beardeds ++ Leucistic Beardeds ++ Hybino Leopard's ++ Pied Yemen Cham's++ Enchi Pastel Jungle Ball's ++ plus many others!!!! !

Red Italian Leatherbacks

Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Leatherback Bearded's


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