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SilverStreak Ball
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Welcome to tropifauna.co.uk   - the website of Tropifauna Farms

Spider Ball


Lesser Sunda Is Python

Export Orders

We export Worldwide.

Our office staff is available to assist you with orders 7 days a week.

Hours of operations:
Monday - Saturday 9am to 5:30pm (GMT)
Sunday 10am to 4pm

  • Shipped 5 days a week. 5 working day notice min required to book airline space etc.
Method of Shipping:
  • Air Freight from London Heathrow airport (LHR) to your closest airport. All prices are F.O.B.
Terms (Payment):
  • Shipments sent prepaid with the following credit cards/debit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express. Bank transfer or deposit to our account is also available.

  • Live arrival guarantee only on shipments sent airport to airport (airfreight), picked-up by customer within 4 hours of arrival.
  • No live arrival guarantee for shipments delayed or mishandled by the carrier. Claims must be placed with carrier.
  • No live arrival guarantee on shipments sent to destinations below 40(f) degrees or above 89(f) degrees.
  • No live arrival guarantee on amphibians at anytime.
  • All claims and unacceptable animals must be called in within 24 hours of arrival of destination airport.


We do our best to satisfy our customers with quality animals correctly packed to IATA standards.


**European customers please note:

Animals can be arranged for collection at most Hamm and Houten Expo's

Fiji Banded Iguana's
Spotted Fiji Banded Iguana's
This seasons projects
Moonglow Boa

++ This season ++ Blue Eyed Leucy's ++ Silverstreak's ++ Cinn's ++ Black Pastels ++ Lemon Pastels ++ Tiger Pastels ++ Woma's ++ Spider Balls ++ Pastel Balls ++ Sunglow Boas ++ Super Pastels ++ Salmon Boas ++ Albino Boas ++ Albino Balls ++ Pied Balls ++ Lesser Platy's ++ Mojave Balls ++ Ghost Ball's ++ Bumble Bee Balls ++ Red Italian Leatherback Bearded's ++ Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Satyrday Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Red/Green Transluscent Bearded's ++ Belgian Super Orange Florida Beardeds ++ Hypo Pastel Beardeds ++ Leucistic Beardeds ++ Hybino Leopard's ++ Pied Yemen Cham's++ Enchi Pastel Jungle Ball's ++ plus many others!!!! !

Red Italian Leatherbacks

Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Leatherback Bearded's


Dare register with Tropifauna Farms?

You will be updated with news on breedings, availability etc.


Payment Plans

Need to spread your payments to buy that special herp?

Payment Plans

We have payment plans to suit all!

Cotswold Reptile Centre
Cotswold Reptile Centre _ Cheltenham

Visit the UK's premier reptile centre!

Send mail to webm@tropifauna.co.uk with questions or comments about this web site.
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