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Welcome to tropifauna.co.uk   - the website of Tropifauna Farms


John Allen

John Allen Leopard Gecko Bays

Our Facilities

Tropifauna Farms are professionally run, herpetological breeding facilities, based in Birmingham and Cheltenham, England,  specialising in "high end", investment herps.

We currently opperate from breeding facilities near Cheltenham.

In our breeding facilities, we use a variety of different cage set ups dependant upon the species we are accomodating. These include all glass style terrariums with naturalistic backgrounds, John Allen cage rack systems and purpose built racks and vivariums.

To ensure all our breeding animals are in top condition at all times, we use in house veterinary diagnostic regimes. These include frequent fecaul microscopic examination and screening. We also have a consulting veterinarian on staff; Antony Bowyer BVM&S MRCVS, and utilise full outsourced laboratory facilities.

We believe that record keeping is critical to our animals success. To that end, we keep extensive data on all aspects of our founding stock, including, feeding, weights, medications, copulations, follicular production, laying dates, hatching dates and parental histories.

If you want to know more about our background go to About Us.

Ball racksBall racks


Bearded Morphs Bearded Morphs


Ball Python RacksBearded Dragon Morphs


We are currently undergoing a rapid expansion program at Tropifauna Farms. Check back here often to see our progress!


Fiji Banded Iguana's
Spotted Fiji Banded Iguana's
This seasons projects
Moonglow Boa

++ This season ++ Blue Eyed Leucy's ++ Silverstreak's ++ Cinn's ++ Black Pastels ++ Lemon Pastels ++ Tiger Pastels ++ Woma's ++ Spider Balls ++ Pastel Balls ++ Sunglow Boas ++ Super Pastels ++ Salmon Boas ++ Albino Boas ++ Albino Balls ++ Pied Balls ++ Lesser Platy's ++ Mojave Balls ++ Ghost Ball's ++ Bumble Bee Balls ++ Red Italian Leatherback Bearded's ++ Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Satyrday Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Red/Green Transluscent Bearded's ++ Belgian Super Orange Florida Beardeds ++ Hypo Pastel Beardeds ++ Leucistic Beardeds ++ Hybino Leopard's ++ Pied Yemen Cham's++ Enchi Pastel Jungle Ball's ++ plus many others!!!! !

Red Italian Leatherbacks

Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Leatherback Bearded's


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Payment Plans

Need to spread your payments to buy that special herp?

Payment Plans

We have payment plans to suit all!

Cotswold Reptile Centre
Cotswold Reptile Centre _ Cheltenham

Visit the UK's premier reptile centre!

Send mail to webm@tropifauna.co.uk with questions or comments about this web site.
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