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Welcome to tropifauna.co.uk   - the website of Tropifauna Farms

Ghost Boa's

Satyrday Red Flaming Tiger Bearded

Albino Green Burmese

Tropifauna Farms are professionally run, herpetological breeding facilities, based near Cheltenham, England,  specialising in "high end", investment herps and herp morphs. 

Formerly our main interest has been in the Python & Boa families, as this is the area we have had most success over the last 25 years.    In past, morphs and variants were not high on our agenda.  In fact we were still trying to get to grips with how to coax our stock into reproductive mode.  This was particularly hampered by the fact we were largely working with difficult wild sourced stock, like Emerald Tree Boas, Blood Pythons, Amethystines, Macklott's, Guyanan Red Tails and Timor Pythons.  However that work was invaluable and  has taught us much about the way we work with our animals today.

Our experiences have not by any means been limited to the Boide groups. Past successful lizard breedings include Frilled Dragons, Phelsuma's, Uroplatus, Oedura, Dwarf Monitors, Nephurus, Parodura, Uromastyx, Basilisks, Monkey Tailed Skinks, various Chamelons etc..... and of course; Bearded Dragons.

Currently we concentrate on investment quality projects, such as; Ball Python, Boa, Leopard Gecko and Bearded Dragon morphs. But we are also building on our Green Tree Python, Dwarf Monitor and other rare lizard projects, including the awesome Fiji Banded Iguana's. More about these soon!

It is our business to supply the very best quality animals along with the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the last 25 years.  We strive to meet customers demands and realise that can only be achieved by investing in the very best quality stock to produce flawless offspring.

We intend to keep this site regularly updated with available stock, new breeding projects and news about the projects we haven't gone public with yet.  Keep an eye on our Blurb page, it will be very individual, I promise!!  Please keep checking in.  If you want to know more about our background go to About Us, in the mean time; please enjoy our site.



So welcome to tropifauna.co.uk! Have a look around, have a read of the Tropifauna FAQ, and the Blurb (we keep it updated regularly with news, events, trips, anything and everything!), check out our Gallery, and if you want to submit any ideas or feedback, please email CompanyWebmaster

And above all...enjoy!!

Watch This Space!
New Projects??????
Archive news

The first litter of Salmon's were born 25th July...some great colours in there. Just awaiting another clutch that will include Super Salmon's.

Salmons born 25th July Salmons born 25th July


Also have babies hatching from Italian Red Letherback x Cawley Red Flaming Tigers (see female below). The Leathers already promise to be stunning!

Red Italian Leather

We also have Satyrday Red Flaming Tiger x Cawley Red babies due out any day! These will be extreme !!

Satyrday Red Flaming Tiger

New Projects
Fiji Banded Iguana's
Spotted Fiji Banded Iguana's
This seasons projects
Moonglow Boa

++ This season ++ Blue Eyed Leucy's ++ Silverstreak's ++ Cinn's ++ Black Pastels ++ Lemon Pastels ++ Tiger Pastels ++ Woma's ++ Spider Balls ++ Pastel Balls ++ Sunglow Boas ++ Super Pastels ++ Salmon Boas ++ Albino Boas ++ Albino Balls ++ Pied Balls ++ Lesser Platy's ++ Mojave Balls ++ Ghost Ball's ++ Bumble Bee Balls ++ Red Italian Leatherback Bearded's ++ Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Satyrday Red Flaming Tiger Beardeds ++ Red/Green Transluscent Bearded's ++ Belgian Super Orange Florida Beardeds ++ Hypo Pastel Beardeds ++ Leucistic Beardeds ++ Hybino Leopard's ++ Pied Yemen Cham's++ Enchi Pastel Jungle Ball's ++ plus many others!!!! !

Red Italian Leatherbacks

Cawley Red Flaming Tiger Leatherback Bearded's


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Payment Plans

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Cotswold Reptile Centre
Cotswold Reptile Centre _ Cheltenham

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